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Panelized construction is the evolution of construction. It takes the technology from traditional framing and brings it into a controlled and efficient manufacturing environment. Are you ready for a better way to build?

Wall Panels

Wall panels are custom-made per your construction plan and arrive at your job site ready to be installed. Manufactured with both a high degree of quality and accuracy, prefab wall panels will save you both time and money due to fast and cost-effective installation practices. They can be easily installed in all projects (residential, multi-residential, commercial and agricultural) and save significant time and labour costs. We offer premium quality prefab wall panels, custom machined in our Trenton, Nova Scotia facilities and delivered directly to your worksite.


Floor Cassettes

Floor cassettes are emerging as an efficient way to build flooring in timber framed structures – from detached dwellings to multi-storey residential construction up to three levels and even higher. They are factory-manufactured panels comprising a series of floor joists joined together with "trimmers" or end-joists to form a load-bearing element in floor construction.


The primary benefit of floor cassettes is the speed of erection. The entire floor structure can be completely manufactured offsite and stacked on the transport trailer, allowing entire floors in a multifamily building to be erected quickly. Each component can be adjusted according to your needs while meeting the building’s architectural requirements.


Roof Trusses

Prefabricated wood roof trusses are now a staple in many construction projects. They have radically transformed how roofs are built, whether on residential, multi-residential, commercial, institutional or agricultural buildings. Roof panels are ideal for projects looking for a complete building envelope package and a chance to get out of the weather as quickly as possible.


Our prefab roofs are always designed with high-performance building principles of energy efficiency, durability, health, comfort, and embodied carbon in mind. We are proud to offer a wide range of superior quality custom-designed panels prefabricated in our Trenton factory.

Eastcut Process December 2022 Square-06.png
  1. Our product development process begins with our design team creating initial designs for each product.

  2. Engineering begins to finalize the product design

  3. Materials begin to be assembled into final products at Eastcut HQ, year-round.

  4. Final products are assembled into shipping packages to be delivered to your job site via truck.

  5. Assembly of our final products are done over a short time period on site with a crane.

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